Announcement from Whitireia and WelTec, 6 November 2018

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 Whitireia and WelTec has today announced a change programme called E Tū Ma Tātou – Our People. Our Challenges. Our Future. 

This change programme includes a proposal to merge our two institutes, with the goal of creating a single stronger vocational training provider for the Wellington region. 

A decision on the proposal will happen before mid-2019, once the Minister of Education has considered feedback from staff, students and the community. If we achieve Ministerial approval, we will aim to transition Whitireia students to the Wellington Institute of Technology for the start of trimester two 2019. 

We have compiled a list of questions related to this announcement: 


What does the proposal to merge mean for current WelTec and Whitireia international students? 

By integrating, we’ll become a single stronger vocational training provider. Both WelTec and Whitireia students will be able to access a wider range of programmes without having to apply for cross-credits. 

For Whitireia students, Trimester 1 2019 will proceed as normal. There may be changes to Whitireia programmes later if the proposal is approved, because of NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) and TEC (Tertiary Education Commission) processes. All current students will be kept informed. If the proposal is approved, Whitireia students would transition to become students of the Wellington Institute of Technology – we’ll make it easy for students to do this. If students complete their programme after we merge, then students would graduate as WelTec students. 

If I enrol now in a WelTec or Whitireia course for 2019, how likely is it that my course will change? 

Trimester 1 will proceed as normal. As we’ve said in the question above, there may be changes to Whitireia programmes later if the proposal is approved. That’s because we need to go through a process with NZQA and the TEC. We will keep all students informed. 

If I have started with a Whitireia qualification, who would I graduate with? 

If you’re a Whitireia student and you complete your programme of study after a merger and the transition to the Wellington Institute of Technology, you would graduate as a Wellington Institute of Technology student. 


More information about this transition is available on our websites at the link below 


We aim to make this transition as smooth as possible for all our current and future international students. Should you have further questions about this transition, please get in touch with the International Team. 

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